Queensland Law Society

Advice and practice support

Professional guidance and support

We offer guidance and support with building your practice, and provide access to complimentary personal counselling and support.

Practice Support

The Practice Support service involves a one-on-one consultation with an Ethics Solicitor to support members in setting up a new practice or managing a recently established one, in an efficient, practical and ethical manner.

QLS Ethics and Practice Centre

The QLS Ethics and Practice Centre provides ethics guidance and advice. QLS members can also seek assistance to request Non-Binding Ethics Rulings for disputes between practitioner members over ethical matters.

Legal Assistance about LSC Complaints

Solicitors who have the benefit of Lexon Professional Indemnity Insurance are eligible for legal assistance in answering complaints made to the Legal Services Commission or its equivalent in any state. For details contact Lexon on 07 3007 1266.

    Advocacy and representation

    We proactively approach the courts on behalf of members, with assured confidentiality and anonymity, to follow up on delayed judgment and encourage prompt completion and delivery of that judgment.


      A free, confidential mental health and wellbeing resource for QLS members and their immediate family. LawCare provides a range of support and resources to assist members and their immediate family to manage and improve their work, health and wellbeing. LawCare includes a wide range of services, including counselling, access to financial expertise and self-assessment tools, and accessed face-to-face, over the telephone, via video, online, or via Live Chat.

      QLS Senior Counsellors

      QLS Senior Counsellors are experienced advisors, who can provide members with confidential guidance on any professional or ethical issue. 

      QLS Senior Counsellors are experienced practitioners who are available to provide guidance to a practitioner on any professional or ethical problem. 

      Bespoke ethics sessions

      Our QLS Ethics and Practice Centre provides Bespoke Ethics Sessions to firms where solicitors are QLS members. These sessions are tailored to the firm, practice areas or specific audience. Should you wish to arrange a bespoke ethics session, please contact the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre on 07 3842 5843 or email on ethics@qls.com.au .

      Solicitor Assist (Queensland Law Foundation)

      The Solicitor Assist program provides free legal advice funded by the Queensland Law Foundation and is supported, but independent to QLS.

      Call Queensland Law Foundation on 07 3236 1249 for more information.