Queensland Law Society

Networks and committees

Be part of something bigger

We create opportunities for you to expand your professional network and contribute to our advocacy programs on public issues and potential areas of law reform.

Committees and working groups

Members have ongoing opportunities to contribute improving and changing the law across a number of policy areas, through participation in QLS committees and working groups.

District Law Associations

The vastness of Queensland has nurtured the growth and strength of 19 district law associations which have the opportunity to communicate as often and as closely with Queensland Law Society as their Brisbane-based colleagues. Involvement by regional solicitors in local law association activities ensures they have access to a network of peers close by to offer assistance when required.

For information about District Law Associations, please contact info@qls.com.au.
Contact a District Law Association

Present at our conferences and seminars

Contribute to the profession and improve the skills of industry colleagues while building your professional reputation.

Access to Justice and Pro Bono scheme

Contribute to the community and develop a sense of achievement by participating in the Society’s innovative pro bono scheme.