Queensland Law Society

Enhanced Access to the Brisbane Law Courts

Queensland Law Society members can apply for Brisbane Law Courts Complex access cards. Initiated by the Society and the Bar Association of Queensland, and endorsed by the Supreme and District Courts, the court access card saves you time providing quick, hassle-free access to the complex without the need to be screened by security.

Brisbane Law Courts Complex access cards are only available for full or honorary members of the Queensland Law Society (QLS).

Protective Services is no longer taking pre-bookings for photographic sessions for the Court ID Cards.  They have returned to the normal “walk in” method for photographic sessions.

Photographic sessions are held each week from Monday to Thursday from 8am to 10am. There is no requirement to pre-book into a photographic session.

When attending a photographic session, applicants are required to bring the barcode form issued from the relevant Authorising Officer and photographic identification.

While it is no longer mandatory to wear facemasks, Protective Services encourages applicants to bring a facemask as a precaution if social distancing within the Court ID Office cannot be maintained during the photographic session.

Applicants cannot attend a photographic session if unwell in any way. Please do not come in if you have a fever, or even a minor symptom of respiratory illness (cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, runny nose or nasal congestion).

To apply

If you’re an individual practitioner:

  1. Applicant logs on to myQLS and clicks on Court ID Cards.
  2. Applicant pays the $30.00 fee.
  3. Applicant will be emailed confirming the application has been processed and when they can attend Protective Services, a barcode will also be included in the email. Please note: barcode will expire after 3 months.
  4. Applicant attends Protective Services, Level 6 Makerston House, 30 Makerston Street, Brisbane to have their photo taken between the hours of 8am and 10am, Monday to Thursday.
  5. When visiting Protective Services, have your printed barcode with you. Each applicant's ID will be verified by showing a driver's licence or passport and their photo will be taken for identification.
  6. Court ID card will be ready for applicant to take away shortly after their photo is taken.