CQLA & QLS Conference

29 October 2021



QLS is excited to partner with the Central Queensland Law Association for the fourth annual CQLA & QLS conference to be held at Salt Yeppoon

Packed with opportunities to up skill and elevate your practice, this two-day conference combines substantive law, practical skills, practice support, ethics, and career development. Featuring expert presenters including from the judiciary and Bar.

The annual Presidents' Dinner will be held on Friday night at Rocks Restaurant and on Saturday finish the conference off with a social Yeppoon Race Day event.

Strengthen the way you practise, earn 10 CPD points and reconnect with your local peers—all at your CQLA & QLS Conference!

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8:00 am

8:30 am
Welcome remarks

Presenter: Elizabeth Shearer, President, Queensland Law Society; Legal Practitioner Director, Shearer Doyle and Chair, Queensland Law Society Access to Justice Pro Bono Law Committee

8:45 am
Chief Justice's address

Presenter: The Honourable C E Holmes AC, Chief Justice of Queensland

Chair: Elizabeth Shearer, President, Queensland Law Society; Legal Practitioner Director, Shearer Doyle and Chair, Queensland Law Society Access to Justice Pro Bono Law Committee

9:00 am
Keeping secrets: the burden we bear

Keeping secrets can be difficult at the best of occasions. The need for confidentiality is more important than ever.

Recently the Federal Court of Australia has had to consider the issue with respect to a leading senior counsel.

This session will examine the issue of confidentiality and the management of former and concurrent client conflicts in the regional context. 

Presenter: Stafford Shepherd, Principal Ethics and Practice Counsel, QLS Ethics and Practice Centre and Legal Practitioner Director, QLS Solicitor Support Pty Ltd Queensland Law Society.


10:00 am
The weird and the wonderful: Lesser known forms of formal appointments

The Presentation will examine some of the more unusual/uncommon appointments for insolvency practitioners and potential avenues for lawyers when advising their clients.

Whilst these appointments are not generally overly common, there appears to be an increasing number of them being made. We will detail the specific mechanisms and practical issues for these lesser-known appointments managed by Worrells covering:

  • The External Administration of Non-Profit Organisations
  • Court appointed Receivers
  • The appointment of Statutory Trustees for the sale of real property; and 
  • Appointments to Deceased Estates.

Presenter: Morgan Lane, Partner, Worrells Solvency and Forensic Accountants


11:00 am
Morning tea

11:15 am
Answering the “why” of cybercrime

Let’s take a journey through the dark web of cybercrime and consider why law firms are a growing target within the cybercrime environment. Why data has such immense value and understand why a data breach is a legacy, not an incident. Understanding the enemy provides a greater understanding of how to manage the threat environment. We shall also explore where your greatest vulnerabilities lay and how to mitigate those risks at your firm.

Presenter: Brian Hay APM, Executive Director, Cultural Cyber Security


12:15 pm
Recruiting and retaining regional, rural and remote lawyers

A lack of appropriately skilled lawyers necessarily impacts access to justice, particularly when conflicts of interest can limit the pool of lawyers available to act in a particular matter. This issue can be addressed, in part, by designing effective policy responses to recruitment and succession deficits and difficulties in retaining staff.

The Law Council of Australia has been working on innovative policy solutions to this issue, utilising recent improvements in remote-access technologies to overcome the barriers for lawyers considering RRR practice.  President of the LCA, Dr Jacoba Brasch QC will outline their recent initiative – “the RRR Digital Treechange”.

Presenter: Dr Jacoba Brasch QC, President, Law Council of Australia, Barrister, Queensland Bar

Chair: Katina Kyreakou, Solicitor, Swanwick Murray Roche


1:15 pm

2:00 pm
Stream 1

1A: The new case management system in family law

With the merging of the Federal Circuit and Family Courts, in addition to the increased role of the registrar in family law matters, this session focuses how practitioners can best make use of the registrar’s time and the judge’s time in the busy jurisdiction.  


Her Honour Anne Judge Demack, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia

Clare McCormack, Judicial Registrar, Federal Circuit and Family Court of Australia


1B: Defending and challenging wills in practice

This session will cover key issues in defending and challenging wills, including testamentary capacity, suspicious circumstances, undue influence and caveats. Whilst theory will be addressed, the focus of the session will be on issues to consider and address from a practical perspective including the commencement and conduct of proceedings, pleadings and evidence.

Presenter: James Byrnes, Barrister, Queensland Bar


3:00 pm
Stream 2

2A: Fundamentals of briefing counsel: Preparing the brief, taking instructions, and the essential role of the instructor

Criminal trials are a complex task. To provide your client with the best prospects of success, it crucial the solicitor and barrister work in unison. In this session, Andrew Hoare will provide advice to solicitors regarding the preparation of the brief to counsel, taking of instructions, and the essential role of the instructing solicitor in a criminal trial.

Presenter: Andrew Hoare, Barrister, Queensland Bar


2B: Where Succession law meets personal injury law

An introduction to succession lawyers of when and where claims may be available to the testator or for benefit of the estate or deceased’s family. For the personal injury lawyers, the need to consider whether a dying Plaintiff’s claim is worth more dead or alive.


Steven Deaves, Barrister, Queensland Bar

Meghan Rothery, Barrister, Queensland Bar


4:00 pm
Afternoon tea

4:15 pm
The 10 tips small practices must employ to thrive

In this session, Ben Deverson, Founder and Director of Lawganised will outline his 10 critical tips all small legal practices must employ in order to achieve high performance.

Ben will provide an understanding, tools and practical examples to take back control of your firm, including:

  • Business Planning and the drivers for business success in law.
  • Understanding productive capacity and the ability to deliver your business plan.
  • Cash Flow – the lifeblood of any business.
  • Mitigating your practice risk (beyond just professional negligence). You may be surprised what your greatest risk is.
  • Developing a high performing team.

Presenter: Ben Deverson, Director and Founder, Lawganised


5:15 pm
Closing remarks

Presenter: Grant Cagney, President, Central Queensland Law Association; Associate Solicitor, McGowran & Cagney Lawyers

5:20 pm

5:25 pm
Networking drinks

7:00 pm
Presidents' Dinner

Join your colleagues and both the CQLA and QLS presidents as we celebrate, recognise and socialise.

8:00 am

8:30 am
Stream 3

3A: Prosecution parley: Navigating best practice communication with the Crown

Negotiating with the omnipresent litigator may appear harder than it is. Understanding the decision-making structure helps private practitioners help their clients.

Presenter: Joshua Phillips, Principal Crown Prosecutor, Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions


3B: Shareholder Agreements and Incorporated Legal Practices

Join our expert presenter for a comprehensive review of the key terms you should address in drafting effective shareholder agreements for Corporate Legal Practices including: 

  • The Statutory Contract
  • The Private Contract
  • Scope of the Private Contract
  • Prohibitions
  • Unit Trust Arrangements
  • Disasters
  • The Future.

Presenter: Craig Coulsen, Barrister, Queensland Bar


9:30 am
Stream 4

4A: Trials and tribulations: A step-by-step guide to family law trials

Family Law trials are complex. This session will focus on how solicitors can best liaise with Counsel and draft effective trial material to best advance your client’s case. The session will also provide tips on preparing the client and witnesses to give evidence and the conduct of a trial in the Family Law Courts.


Karen Oakley, Barrister, Queensland Bar

Greg Shoebridge, Barrister, Queensland Bar 


4B: Executive decisions: Applications to remove executors breaching their duties

In this seminar the presenters will discuss the duties imposed upon executors, and applications to the Court for their removal for breaching those duties. Illustrative cases will be examined during the course of the seminar. 


Jordan Ahlstrand, Barrister, Queensland Bar

Maree Willey, Barrister, Barrister, Queensland Bar


10:30 am
Morning tea

10:50 pm
Sexual Harassment: Changing workplace culture

We are all aware there have been numerous surveys, high profile incidents and, of course, significant media attention across Australia that relate to sexual harassment in the legal profession.  

Join Queensland Law Society CEO, Rolf Moses for this Australian first legal industry workshop that sheds light on the cultural traits that can lead to poor workplace behaviours including sexual harassment. The workshop offers practical guidance on building a culture that embeds model behaviour, being an active bystander and responding to a complaint.

Presenter: Rolf Moses, Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Law Society


11:50 am
Closing remarks

Presenter: Rolf Moses, Chief Executive Officer, Queensland Law Society 

Chair: Grant Cagney, President, Central Queensland Law Association; Associate Solicitor, McGowran & Cagney Lawyers

12:00 pm

1:00 pm
Yeppoon Race Day