Benefits of Specialist Accreditation

Gaining specialist accreditation is a significant achievement both personally and professionally.

Becoming an Accredited Specialist:

  • acknowledges your high level of practical skill and knowledge in your area of expertise amongst your peers, the judiciary and the public
  • entitles you to inclusion in the Queensland Law Society “Find an Accredited Specialist” online referral list
  • entitles you to use the Specialist Accreditation Logo and post-nominals (Acc. Spec.)
  • opportunities to be consulted regarding program development or be given the opportunity to accrue CPD points through presentations.

Beyond these benefits, practitioners who undertake the specialist accreditation assessment will earn 10 CPD points (comprised of eight general CPD points and one CPD point in each of the core areas of Practical Legal Ethics and Professional Skills) during that year – regardless of whether they achieve accreditation.

Marketing your accreditation

Becoming an accredited specialist is an enormous achievement and a qualification that you deserve to market to the profession and the public.

As an accredited specialist, you are entitled to promote yourself through various fields of collateral. These may include advertisements in the yellow pages, press advertisements, firm stationery, websites and more.

Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation team has published Marketing Guidelines available below regarding the correct use of the specialist accreditation logo and post-nominals on all of your promotional material. Please read these guidelines carefully to ensure you are using your logo and post-nominals correctly.

Opportunities to contribute to the professional development of your peers

Queensland Law Society’s Learning and Professional Development team deliver an annual program of conferences and seminars throughout Brisbane and the regional centres, including webinar sessions. As an accredited specialist, there may be opportunities for you to share your knowledge and experience with the wider profession. The Queensland Law Society’s Learning and Professional Development team values your input and contribution to our programs. Being involved in the Society's Learning and Professional Development programs offers the opportunity to:

  • develop your presentation skills
  • increase your profile and reputation in your area of speciality
  • raise awareness or enhance your firm’s brand, and market its expertise
  • earn CPD points for your preparation and presentation
  • further establish yourself and your expertise amongst your peers.

To express your interest, please contact the Specialist Accreditation team at or 07 3842 5952.