Specialist Accreditation Governance

QLS Scheme 

QLS currently offers Specialist Accreditation programs in 8 speciality areas. Each accreditation program is run every two calendar years. QLS also has cooperative agreements with the Law Society of New South Wales and the Law Institute of Victoria for Queensland candidates to participate in their respective Immigration Law and Taxation Law accreditation programs, both of which are national areas of accreditation for the purposes of interstate mutual recognition. 

QLS Scheme Handbook

The QLS Specialist Accreditation Scheme is governed by the Specialist Accreditation Scheme Handbook. The Handbook covers information relevant for:

  • applicants interested in applying for enrolment into an accreditation program with respect to the application process
  • accepted candidates into the accreditation programs, and
  • existing Accredited Specialists. 

Assessment Criteria 

Each accreditation program has a specific course syllabus referred to as “Assessment Criteria”. The Assessment Criteria outline the nature of the accreditation assessments, key learning outcomes, and relevant legislation and/or case law that candidates are expected to be familiar with for the purposes of undertaking the assessments. 

Application Materials 

All applicants for each accreditation program must complete a standard template application form and submit three referee reports. Please refer here for more information about the application process.

QLS Academic Misconduct Policy 

Each applicant accepted as a candidate into an accreditation program must submit a QLS Academic Misconduct Declaration in accordance with the QLS Academic Misconduct Academic Policy. Please see the policy below. 

Interstate Mutual Recognition 

Interstate Accredited Specialists who seek mutual recognition of their accreditation in Queensland must apply to the QLS Specialist Accreditation Board pursuant to the terms of the Mutual Recognition Policy. Please see the policy below.