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Becoming a Nationally Accredited Mediator

On 1 January 2008, Australian National Mediator Standards were introduced. These Standards were designed to apply to all types of mediation and have been drafted in wide and general terms. They were revised in 2015. As from 1 July 2015 there are two types of Standards:

  • The Practice Standards — govern the relationship of the mediator with the mediation parties and specify practice and competency requirements for mediators and inform parties of what they can expect of the mediation process.
  • The Approval Standards — apply to any mediator who seeks to be accredited under the National Mediator Accreditation system. They define the minimum qualifications and training requirements for mediators and assist parties to understand what qualifications and competencies to expect of mediators.

Requirements for our Mediators encompass personal qualities such as appropriate life, social and work experience to conduct the process independently and professionally. Accreditation furthermore requires that our mediators comply with professional practice and ethical standards, have appropriate insurance cover, and have obtained competence through specialised education, training and experience.

QLS Accreditation for Mediation and Arbitration

If you wish to apply to become a QLS Nationally Accredited Mediator, download the application form and return to Queensland Law Society.

Formal qualifications to become an arbitrator require completion of a recognised course. We advise you check with the Queensland Law Society to ensure the course content will enable you to become a QLS- approved arbitrator.

For more information on National Accreditation, please contact the Records Department at records@qls.com.au or 1300 367 757.

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