Queensland Law Society

3. Access to justice in Queensland

Effective access to justice means that people are not “priced out” of the legal system. This means all Queenslanders should able to bring and respond to court proceedings, regardless of their financial, social or geographic status. All Queenslanders should be able to rely on a sustainably-funded legal aid system and well-resourced courts, tribunals and alternative dispute resolution systems.

Queensland Law Society calls for a commitment:

  • To increase the level of per capita state government Legal Aid and legal assistance funding to improve access to legal assistance for Queenslanders.
  • To allow legal representation as of right in all actions in the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal and Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, Anti-Discrimination Commission and other tribunals
  • To better resourcing and improvements to the facilities of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal
  • To work with key stakeholders to establish a Dispute Resolution hub in Queensland.

Queensland State Election - 2017 Call to Parties Statement

Download the 2017 Call to Parties Statement