Queensland Law Society

4. Court resourcing

In order to promote access to and the administration of justice, Queensland courts, commissions and tribunals must be appropriately funded and resourced.

Queensland Law Society calls for a commitment:

  • To appoint more magistrates (including specialist Children’s Court magistrates)
  • To appoint at least five additional District Court judges and at least three additional Supreme Court judges, as well as appointing a permanent Supreme Court judge in Southport
  • That new appointments of magistrates, District and Supreme Court judges reflect the significant experience, knowledge, expertise and diversity of the solicitors’ branch of the legal profession
  • That an increase in lodgements in each of the criminal jurisdictions will result in a proportionate increase in the number of judicial officers in the relevant region
  • To increased funding for Queenslanders living in rural, regional and remote areas for regular access to visiting circuit courts, commissions and tribunals
  • That electronic court technology, including full e-filing facilities and e-trials, be made generally available to the criminal and civil law jurisdictions to improve court technology and resources in regional courts.

Queensland State Election - 2017 Call to Parties Statement

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