Queensland Law Society

Maintaining the right to fair injury compensation for all Queenslanders

The Queensland public has longstanding and financially strong workers’ compensation and CTP schemes in this State. Similarly, the provision of damages for personal injuries under the Personal Injuries Proceedings Act 2002 plays an important role in ensuring access to justice and adequate compensation.

QLS strongly supports the right to fair injury compensation for all Queenslanders. In doing so, we call for a commitment to maintaining the existing legislative frameworks and resisting any attempt to curtail or alter the benefits provided under the current schemes.

QLS calls for a commitment:

  1. That the fair and working compensation schemes in Queensland will not be changed and in particular, that the integrity of the Queensland CTP scheme will be preserved and maintained.
  2. That impairment thresholds for access to common law damages will not be introduced.
  3. That lump sum payments for minor injuries will not be replaced with “guaranteed defined benefits”.
  4. To the investigation of contingency fees in Queensland, which involves the consideration of ethical concerns and the need for a control mechanism, as well as the meaningful benefits contingency fees may provide, including greater certainty of a solicitor’s retainer and a greater proportion of damages being received by the plaintiff.