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Victim Assist

What is Victim Assist Queensland?

Victim Assist Queensland is the new assistance scheme for victims of crime in Queensland. Victim Assist commenced on 1 December 2009, and replaced the current criminal compensation schemes of Criminal Offence Victims Act 1995 (COVA) and the Criminal Code 1899 (the Code).

Victim Assist Queensland focuses on victim recovery by paying for, or reimbursing the costs of goods and services that a victim requires to help them recover from the physical and psychological effects of a crime. Victim Assist Queensland aims to provide a tailored, needs-based response, focusing on financial assistance and support for victims rather than just criminal compensation.

Information and Referral Service – Victims LinkUp

Included within Victim Assist Queensland is Victims LinkUp, a central information and referral service for victims of crime. Victims LinkUp acts as a point of contact for victims and families, providing:

  • information and guidance on how to apply for financial assistance under Victim Assist Queensland
  • information and referral to existing support services to meet the needs of each individual victim of crime, such as intensive counselling during court proceedings
  • a victim’s complaints resolution process
  • information regarding other relevant services.

Victims LinkUp provides a phone service during business hours (8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday) and a website for victims of crime to access 24 hours a day.

Legal assistance

Victim Assist Queensland recognises that some individuals will require assistance in completing applications for financial assistance.

In order to assist victims and Victims LinkUp staff in providing legal referrals the Queensland Law Society has compiled a database of legal firms and practitioners who are available to assist victims in making an application to Victim Assist Queensland.

We note that under the Victims of Crime Assistance Act 2009 eligible victims are entitled to receive a grant of up to $500 for legal costs incurred in applying for assistance under the Act.

Victims Assist Queensland Contact Details

Victim Assist Queensland operates under the direction of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General and is located at:

154 Melbourne Street

Victim Assist Queensland can be contacted on:

telephone 1300 546 587
fax 07 3109 1901
email victimassist@justice.qld.gov.au
postal GPO Box 149


For further information regarding Victims Assist Queensland please see their website.