Queensland Law Society

Resolving family law disputes in a timely way

Queensland Law Society has called for a commitment to:

  • Implement a protocol to fill judicial vacancies in the Federal Courts within a month of a judge retiring.
  • Relieve delays in family law disputes by filling two Family Court trial judge vacancies in Queensland and appointing an additional three Federal Circuit Court judges throughout the State.
  • Consider appointing judicial registrars to each place a Federal Circuit Court (FCC) judge sits.

In 2010 we had five Family Court judges in Queensland and now with the most recent appointment by the federal Attorney-General, Senator Brandis, there are four.

In addition FCC judges are working under incredible pressure both within the regions and within south-east Queensland.

There is an urgent need for more judges and support to be appointed. No less to get back to the position we were in in 2011. There is a need for a further two Family Court judges, and to relieve the current pressure on the hard-working Federal Circuit Court bench, at least three new FCC judges.

Inevitably, justice delayed becomes justice denied. With cut backs on legal aid funding, particularly in relation to mediation and assisted dispute resolution, Queenslanders are effectively becoming victims of a system that they would ordinarily expect and hope would deal with their issues in a timely and sensitive manner.