Queensland Law Society

2019 Call to Parties Statement

9. Engage the not-for-profit sector

The not-for-profit and charitable sector is extensive and contributes significantly to the common good and the Australian economy. Effective and focused regulation can enhance that public benefit.

Queensland Law Society calls for a commitment to:

  1. develop a consistent national model for regulating fundraising by charities and not-for-profit entities, to allow charities to fundraise in all States and Territories of Australia with consistent reporting obligations, as recommended by the Select Committee on Charity Fundraising in the 21st Century in its report of 14 February 2019. (Currently an Australian charity that wishes to raise funds online needs to consider the regulatory requirements of each State and Territory before it does so.
  2. establish an advisory group to assist in developing the required fundraising reforms, consistent with the recommendation of the ACNC Review Panel report that an advisory group be established, comprising experts, to assist the ACNC
  3. actively consult with the not-for-profit sector on the recommendations of the Australian Charities and Not-For-Profits Commission Legislation Review 2018 with a view to progressing appropriate reforms for effective regulation of the not-for-profit and charity sectors, the reduction of red tape, and the benefit of the community.


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