Queensland Law Society

2019 Call to Parties Statement

3. First Nations People advancement

Real and tangible progress is now critically needed to close the gap in all areas of inequality and to remove the entrenched levels of disadvantage for First Nations people and communities within the context of legal and justice outcomes.

Queensland Law Society calls for a commitment to:

  1. meaningful and evidence based strategies to address the disparate imprisonment rates and the rates of violence against First Nations people, particularly having regard to the key recommendations of the Australian Law Reform Commission Report into Reducing Indigenous Incarceration:
    1. the establishment of a justice reinvestment body
    2. review of police complaints handling policies and practices
    3. consideration of systemic and cultural factors affecting Indigenous Australians in bail and sentencing decisions
    4. abolition of imprisonment in lieu of, or as a result of, unpaid fines
    5. national criminal justice targets to reduce the incarceration of, and violence against, First Nations people.
  2. The adoption of Justice Targets, particularly:
    1. closing the gap in the rates of imprisonment between First Nations people and non-Indigenous people by 2040
    2. closing the gap in the disproportionate rates of violence against First Nations people by 2040, with priority strategies for women and children
    3. reduction in the number of First Nations people deaths in custody
    4. reduction of occasions of excessive force being used by police toward Indigenous Australians
    5. targeted and organised efforts in providing legal knowledge to First Nations communities so that people may better understand their rights.


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