Queensland Law Society

2019 Call to Parties Statement

15. Preserving the integrity of our justice system

Preservation of a strong and independent justice system is essential to maintaining public confidence in the administration of justice and the promotion of the separation of powers.

Queensland Law Society calls for a commitment to the establishment of two essential institutions:

  1. A judicial commission to enhance openness, transparency and independence of the judicial system. The role of a judicial commission is:
    • to formulate a list for the appointment of judicial officers from which the Attorney-General must choose. Any deviations from this list must be reported to Parliament
    • to organise and supervise an appropriate scheme of continuing education and training, including First Nations cultural awareness training of judicial officers
    • to examine complaints against judicial officers, including delays in delivering judgments and inappropriate or unreasonable conduct directed towards workers or persons appearing before the officer
    • to advise government on improving the efficiency of the administration of justice.
  2. A Commonwealth Integrity Commission to address allegation of corruption at a federal level. Queensland Law Society calls for a commitment:
    • that the appointments of the Chair and CEO of the Commonwealth Integrity Commission have bipartisan support
    • that the Commonwealth Integrity Commission report to a discrete committee of the Commonwealth Parliament.


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