Queensland Law Society

2019 Call to Parties Statement

2. Resource federal courts, tribunals and commissions

In order to promote access to, and the administration of justice, federal courts, commissions and tribunals must be appropriately funded and resourced.

Queensland Law Society calls for a commitment to:

  1. appropriately resource the Federal Court of Australia, the Federal Circuit Court, the Family Court of Australia, the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and commissions such as the Fair Work Commission which includes:
    1. appointing sufficient numbers of judges and members to hear matters expeditiously
    2. promptly filling judicial vacancies
    3. adequate resources for registries, including staff and technology upgrades
    4. appropriate infrastructure, including hearing and interview rooms, and separate waiting areas for matters involving children and domestic and family violence
    5. properly resourcing courts and court services in rural, regional and remote areas
  2. allow legal representation as of right in federal commissions and tribunals, which benefits all parties appearing and helps matters to proceed as expeditiously as possible.


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