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Advocacy services are among the most important QLS offers to the legal profession and the community.

We have a successful track record of effecting change by bringing members’ opinions to the attention of government, the judiciary and the public through the work of our policy committees. 

Our policy committees are the engine rooms for the Society's policy and advocacy to government. Members from various areas of the legal profession generously contribute their valuable expertise to give advise to the QLS Council on law reform issues and prepare submissions advocating for good law in Queensland.

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24 Dec 2015 Guidelines for Property Agents
24 Dec 2015 Inquiry into a suitable model for the implementation of the National Injury Insurance Scheme
21 Dec 2015 Annual Consultation 2016 Annual Information Statement
18 Dec 2015 Tackling Alcohol-Fuelled Violence Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
10 Dec 2015 Health Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
24 Nov 2015 Retail Shop Leases Amendment Bill 2015
23 Nov 2015 EPA appointments
11 Nov 2015 Mental Health Bill 2015 further questions on notice
05 Nov 2015 Elder Abuse Law Reform
05 Nov 2015 s40A Succession Act
22 Oct 2015 COSS media statement and 5 year contract
30 Sep 2015 Fullbright Program Science
24 Sep 2015 Criminal Law (Domestic) Violence Amendment 2015
14 Sep 2015 Vie Management decision
02 Sep 2015 Offender levy
28 Aug 2015 Unfair contract terms comment to ACCC
26 Aug 2015 Storage of privileged material
21 Aug 2015 Alcohol related violence roundtable
11 Aug 2015 Sentence reviews for children and young people
11 Aug 2015 Transmission of legal documents and access legal representation
10 Aug 2015 E-brief Working Party electronic briefs of evidence
04 Aug 2015 State vs local regulation frameworks
04 Aug 2015 Harmonisation Charities Regulations
20 Jul 2015 Timetable for implementing of changes to the Youth Justice Act 1992
13 Jul 2015 Arthur Gorrie Correctional Centre - transmission of legal documents to prisoners
08 Jul 2015 Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015
06 Jul 2015 Education (General Provisions) Act 2006
02 Jul 2015 Mental Health Bill 2015
01 Jul 2015 Presentation of indictments
18 Jun 2015 Penalties and Sentences Regulation 2005
09 Jun 2015 Work Health and Safety and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
05 Jun 2015 Competition Policy Review Final Report
03 Jun 2015 Crime and Corruption Regulation 2005
26 May 2015 Access to legal representation in North Queensland correctional facilities
26 May 2015 Industrial Relations (reintroduction of fairness) Bill 2015
22 May 2015 Competition Policy Review Final Report - Queensland Law Society submission
21 May 2015 Supreme and District Court storage of privileged material
15 May 2015 Treasury Legislation Amendment (Small Business and Unfair Contract Terms) Bill 2015 (Cth)
11 May 2015 Review of the Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal Act 2009
27 Apr 2015 Crime and Corruption Commission review of the G20 (Safety and Security) Act 2013
27 Apr 2015 Call of Submissions - Inquiry into the Payroll Tax Rebate, Revenue and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2015
20 Apr 2015 Competition and Consumer Amendment (Deregulatory and Other Measure) Bill 2015
20 Apr 2015 Justice mediation in criminal law matters
31 Mar 2015 LACC Ethics and Professional Responsibility
30 Mar 2015 LACC
10 Mar 2015 Access to legal representation in Queensland correctional facilities (Attorney-General and Minister for Justice and Minister for Training and Skills)
10 Mar 2015 Access to legal representation in Queensland correctional facilities (Minister for Police, Fire and Emergency Services and Minister for Corrective Services)
04 Mar 2015 Criminal Practice Rules
25 Feb 2015 Universal Periodic Review Shadow Report - Queensland Law Society issues - supplementary submission
24 Feb 2015 Universal Periodic Review Shadow Report - Queensland Law Society issues
16 Feb 2015 Australian Law Reform Commission Review of Commonwealth Laws for Consistency with Traditional Rights, Freedoms and Privileges
09 Feb 2015 Joint Select Committee on Constitutional Recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples
27 Jan 2015 Business Names Register- Charities and Not-for-Profits
27 Jan 2015 Exposure Draft - Commissioner's Interpretation Statement: Health Promotion Charities
27 Jan 2015 Legal Aid Queensland Best practice guidelines for working with children and young people
13 Jan 2015 Statutory Review of the Personal Property Securities Act 2009: Responses to Consultation Paper 4 ("The Register")