Queensland Law Society

Free Legal Advice Panel

Queensland Law Society (QLS) provides access to a free legal advice service for its members.

Solicitors who have received an official notification requesting that they provide information to either the Legal Services Commission or Queensland Law Society as the result of a complaint investigation or trust account matter, can utilise this service.

This initiative allows members under investigation to seek expert advice for up to six hours from an experienced solicitor with extensive knowledge of professional standards issues.

Fees will be paid by the Society for six hours of the panel member’s time. The members of the Free Legal Advice Panel will be retained by the practitioner seeking the advice and usual privileges and duties of confidentiality to the retaining practitioner will apply.

The free legal advice is confidential and external to the Society.

This initiative reflects the Society’s continuing commitment to focus on member services. The aim of this service is to assist solicitors to address the issue in a timely manner instead of ignoring or deferring the initial request for information which then results in the matter escalating. On most occasions, a prompt well considered response resolves the issue, thus saving time and stress for all parties involved in the complaint investigation process.

The service has the support of the Legal Services Commissioner, who acknowledges the importance of timely well considered advice in resolving issues that might otherwise escalate.

Lexon has extended its cover to provide, in such circumstances further services from panel solicitors to the sum of $10,000. This cover is triggered after the expiry of the six hours free legal advice paid for by the Society. Further details of that cover should be obtained from the panel solicitors when required.

The contact telephone numbers for the members of the Free Legal Advice Panel are:





Rachel Drew

Holding Redlich

07 3135 0617


Rob Franklin

Potts Lawyers

07 5532 3133 and

07 3221 4999


Christine Jones


07 5443 6500


Ian Hughes


07 3024 0000


Bill Munro

Munro Legal 

07 4659 9958 


Ben Cohen Bartley Cohen

07 3831 9400 


Doug McKinstry

WGC Lawyers

07 4046 1111 


Glen Cranny

Gilshenan & Luton Legal Practice

07 3361 0222


Andrew Gardiner

Andrew Gardiner Law

07 5391 4900 


Tim McGrath

Miller Harris 

07 4036 9708