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Flexible work arrangements include any arrangement that is an alternative to the traditional workday, the standard workweek, or the traditional workplace. Flexibility means allowing an employee some input and control over how they would like to manage their time in order to achieve what the business requires of them. 

Flexible working arrangements usually encompass changes to the hours, pattern and location of work. Flexibility is becoming increasingly important for all employees as employees and managers balance competing priorities in life, and can include:

  • telework or working from home
  • flexible hours
  • compressed working weeks
  • job sharing

The members of the working group represent a cross section of legal practice in Queensland, including mid and top-tier law firms, government, and in-house.

The working group’s aims are:

  • for employees and supervisors to explore flexible work arrangements
  • to provide tools and support to people considering and negotiating flexible work arrangements, and
  • to empower employees open a dialogue with a supervisor / manager

The working group is a joint initiative of Queensland Law Society and Women Lawyers’ Association of Queensland.


The objectives of the working group are to:

  • Capture qualitative and quantitative information about flexible work practices in operation in law firms and other organisations in Queensland today
  • Tell real life stories about how flexibility is utilised in different firms and organisations, different practices areas and at different levels of seniority
  • Understand the reasons why flexibility is denied and why flexible work practices have hampered or impacted on workflow, productivity or workplace culture
  • Develop policies and tools to assist with the implementation of flexible work practices into Queensland law firms and organisations
  • Provide support and information about flexibility in the legal profession
  • To promote the objectives of the working group in any manner its members consider appropriate, and to do things incidental or conducive to the attainment of these objectives


Submissions are invited on flexible working arrangements and can be made to flexibility@qls.com.au. There is no set format or template for making a submission.

All submissions, discussions and information provided to the flexibility working group will be treated as confidential (unless otherwise agreed) but may be used for statistical purposes.

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