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Supreme Court of Queensland Library - Terms & Conditions of Assistance

1. (Authorized terms) The following terms have been authorized by the Supreme Court Library Committee ( “SCLC”). These terms cannot be varied or waived in any respect by any officer or employee of the SCLC.

2. (Terms are Binding) All requests for assistance made to the Supreme Court of Queensland Library, and all dealings in relation to such requests, are made on the basis of these terms. These terms are binding upon the individual making the request and also upon any entity on whose behalf the request is made (the individual, and any such entity, being described herein as “the Requestor”).

3. (Acknowledgements by Requestor)The Requestor acknowledges and accepts that: (a) the Supreme Court of Queensland Library operates on a charitable basis, with limited numbers of Reference Desk staff available to respond to numerous requests for voluntary assistance; (b) the Reference Desk staff who respond to requests for assistance may not hold legal qualifications and so the Library cannot provide assistance of a kind which calls for legal training or analysis; (c) the Library’s response to a request for assistance (or communications in relation thereto) may contain errors or omissions or be delayed; (d) accordingly, the Library’s assistance is provided only upon the basis that the Requestor will not rely upon the accuracy, completeness or timeliness or any information provided by the Library but will rely only upon the Requestor’s own independent enquiries and judgement; (e) the Library remains free, in its absolute discretion, to decline to respond to particular requests for assistance.

4. (SCLC Assumes No Obligation) The SCLC and the staff of the Library do not assume any responsibility to any person for the timeliness, accuracy or completeness of any information provided in response to a request for information (or in any communication in relation thereto). The SCLC and the staff of the Library will have no liability, whether in contract, tort or otherwise howsoever, to any person whatsoever for any error or omission (whether negligent or otherwise) in responding to any request for assistance (or in any communications in relation thereto).

5. (Copyright) The Requestor will not seek materials from the SCQL which will involve any breach of copyright or other laws.

6. (Charges) The circumstances in which fees and charges are payable by a Requestor for the assistance provided by the Library are published on the Library’s website. These fees and charges represent a partial reimbursement to the Library of the costs and expenses incurred. The Requestor agrees to pay to the SCLC upon demand any such fees and charges which arise from its request.


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