Queensland Law Society

Schemes and Services

Queensland Law Society (QLS) offers a range of schemes and services to our members, designed to protect, support, and help you grow your business.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Every Law Practice in Queensland must hold professional indemnity insurance. QLS established Lexon Insurance Pte Ltd (Lexon) (formerly QLS Insurance) in 2001, which has helped protect solicitors from rises in PII premiums of up to 1,000% as seen in other professions

Limitation of Liability Scheme

The limitation of liability scheme is not an insurance scheme but also acts to protect practitioners against negligence claims. It’s a statutory scheme, enforced by the courts, that caps the amount of damages that can be awarded against a practice in court


RRR Law is an initiative of the Law Council of Australia, supported by QLS, that gives current and aspiring legal practitioners an insight into what life is like in rural, regional and remote (RRR) Australia by breaking down myths and highlighting the exciting opportunities available to lawyers across Australia. This site highlights the benefits of practising law in RRR areas of Australia, offers current and future lawyers an alternative option to practising in Australia’s major cities, and includes a job search facility and the ability to advertise job vacancies.


LawCare is an member assistance program which provides free, confidential and voluntary counselling services to QLS members, their immediate family and legal support staff. This service can be used to obtain help with problems that are impacting work performance or quality of life.

QLS Referrals Service

QLS receives in excess of 50,000 enquiries from the public each year. Would you like to be receiving referrals in your areas of practice from Queensland Law Society? This is a freee service for members.


Interested in advertising your services as a locum, or need to find a locum for your practice? This is a free service for members.

Free legal advice for members

QLS provides access to a free legal advice service for solicitors who have received an official notification requesting that they provide information to either the Legal Services Commission or QLS as the result of a complaint investigation or trust account matter.