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QLS Cyber Essentials Insurance

Hacking, data corruption, human or programming errors can lead to a law practice going out of business unless handled correctly. It is essential to have an expert team in your corner to provide the right support.

Failure to comply with mandatory data breach notification or reporting obligations can also lead to substantial fines or prosecution by regulators.

QLS Cyber Essentials Insurance is free for QLS Member Practices. The exclusive member benefit is underwritten by Chubb and backed by Chubb’s worldwide resources. In the event of an insured incident, a team of experts is available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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Is my firm covered?

All QLS Member Practices also insured by Lexon are covered by the QLS Cyber Essentials Insurance Policy, from 1 July 2019.

A QLS Member Practice is a practice where each Principal is a full QLS member. (For definition of ‘Principal’, see Legal Profession Act (Qld) 2007 s 7.)

What do we have to do to qualify?

Provided your practice is a QLS Member Practice and obtains your professional indemnity insurance through Lexon, Cyber Essentials Insurance will apply without any further action on your part.

Not sure if your practice is a QLS Member Practice? Contact the Records and Member Services Team at records@qls.com.au or on 1300 367 757.

What kind of cyber incidents are covered?

  • Privacy incidents (loss of personal data)
  • Network security incidents (Malware, Hacking, Unauthorised Access)
  • Extortion and ransomware
  • Business interruption.

For a summary of coverage terms see (here). Before considering the product’s suitability for your particular circumstances, always consult the full policy document terms and conditions.

What costs are covered?

  • Incident Manager
  • Network repair
  • Forensic investigation
  • Specialist IT assistance
  • Dealing with regulators
  • Notifying clients
  • Call centre
  • Specialist legal advice
  • Public relations
  • Credit monitoring for affected clients
  • Ransom payments and negotiations
  • Data recovery
  • Limited business interruption costs

How much coverage does my firm have?

Standard cover is $50,000. Whether this is adequate will depend on your firm’s circumstances.

Top up cover is available

Click here to learn more about top up cover and how to apply.


Product features

  • 24/7/365 day incident response hotline (view the process)
  • Expert assistance from some of the best in the business
  • Worldwide resources, local knowledge

Making a claim or reporting an incident

If you need help, call the Incident Response Hotline on 1800 027 428 (available worldwide 24/7/365).

An incident manager will help you decide whether there is an issue that requires follow up. This triage is free, and no excess is payable until you have established that an insured event has occurred and help is needed.

Expert help is available from the insurer’s panel of industry leading specialists (see here) or you can Bring Your Own Expert (talk to your incident manager about how to arrange that first.)

To move from the initial assessment to activate a formal claim, the following will be needed:

  • insured name
  • date of loss
  • nature of cyber incident including a brief summary of facts and circumstances
  • confirmation as to whether an IT specialist has been instructed, and if so, please provide details of the IT specialist and copies of any retainer
  • copy of any IT reports or screenshots of the cyber incident
  • contact person.

Email address: aus.financiallinesclaims@chubb.com


Exclusions apply to this policy. For the full terms and conditions see the Master Policy. An excerpt of the applicable exclusions is attached here.

Cyber security resources and guides

To help mitigate risk and improve your practice’s cyber security, QLS has a range of resources and guides.

Resources and guides

QLS Cyber Essentials Insurance is issued by Chubb Insurance Australia Limited subject to the terms and conditions in the Master Policy document. This summary does not contain all applicable terms of cover or exclusions, and you should consider the full terms of the Master Policy in determining whether the cover is appropriate for your purposes.