Queensland Law Society

Corporate sponsorship

Queensland Law Society (QLS) organises and executes a comprehensive annual events calendar, which includes professional development conferences, seminars, workshops social networking events and awards evenings.

By engaging with QLS through a corporate sponsorship agreement, your organisation is given the unique opportunity to increase your brand’s recognition and profile and directly connect with Queensland’s legal profession.

We offer a range of sponsorship opportunities that vary with each event, please contact us on the information below and we would be pleased to tailor a sponsorship package to suit your business requirements.

Sponsorship requests

Throughout the year, we receive requests for donations and support from a wide range of organisations and individuals.

Each request is carefully assessed to determine if it meets QLS sponsorship, marketing and community relationship objectives. All sponsorship applications are evaluated according to the criteria set out in our sponsorship policy.

To ensure your proposal presents the most relevant and sought-after information, QLS advises all potential sponsors to submit a sponsorship proposal, addressing the criteria and guidelines.  A response can be expected within four weeks of application.


For further information or to obtain a copy of our sponsorship policy, please contact:
p 07 3842 5857