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 Matthew Hollings | Janelle Kerrisk | Angus Murray |  Andrea Perry-Petersen | Mathew Shearing |  Kim Trajer 


Matthew Hollings

Sales Manager, Law In Order

Matthew leads Law In Order’s Queensland Business Development team who assist Queensland clients to achieve winning outcomes across private practice, government and corporate legal sectors. Matthew is personally responsible for ensuring clients are the leading adopters of alternative legal services. He educates them on what’s possible in the world of legal process outsourcing, with a particular focus on supporting those lawyers and legal staff working with large volumes of client data and documents. These clients turn to Matthew and his team to provide creative and commercial solutions for the these modern day legal challenges, spanning the service areas of document production and digitisation, forensic collection and analysis, eDiscovery culling and review, as well as the management of large or technical evidence in formal and informal hearing environments.

Matthew relies on his experience as a practising lawyer and litigator to ensure that the best outcome is achieved for all lawyers in Queensland. As a big proponent of the phrase “you only know what you know”, Matthew advocates heavily for the education and empowerment of lawyers to understand the possibilities of doing things differently, in all facets of new legal technology and process adoption.


Janelle Kerrisk

Director, Helix Legal; Founder of LawLancer and Member, Queensland Law Society Innovation Committee

Janelle Kerrisk is the Founder, Director and Principal of Helix Legal. Janelle started Helix Legal in 2016 with a goal to bring innovative solutions to the construction industry.

Through Janelle’s vision to build a scalable business at Helix Legal, she founded LawLancer. LawLancer is a legal tech startup that was born to meet the changing landscape of law. LawLancer harnesses the power of technology and mobilises thousands of engaged but under utilised freelance clerks currently studying law across the country. LawLancer gives progressive law firms instant access to a talent pool of prepped and pumped law students and gives students a dynamic source of income and professional development experience.

Janelle believes that technology and innovation help lawyers come alive again. She’s experimented with a variety of online platforms, project-planning methods, flexible working models, marketing tactics, fixed fee options and hierarchy-less management techniques to achieve this goal. She is passionate about challenging the misconception that flexible working costs money, and instead believes that flexible working increases the bottom line.

Helix Legal was a 2018 Finalist in the Lawyers Weekly Australian Law Awards for New Law Firm of the Year Award. In 2017 Helix Legal was listed on the Janders Dean and Lexis Nexis Innovation Index and was the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the Legal Tech Awards. Janelle is an active member of the Australian Legal Technology Association and is a member of the Program Board of the College of Law Master in Legal Business.


Angus Murray

Partner and Trademark Attorney, Irish Bentley Lawyers; Co-Founder and Director, The Legal Forecast and Member, Queensland Law Society Innovation Committee

Angus is a Partner and Trade Marks Attorney at Irish Bentley Lawyers. He holds a Master of Laws from Stockholm University and is a sessional academic at the University of Southern Queensland and QUT. He is a member of the QLS Innovation Committee, a Vice President of the Queensland Council for Civil Liberties and the Chair of Electronic Frontiers Australia’s Policy Committee.

He is also a co-founder and director of the Legal Forecast which is a not-for-profit organisation that serves to facilitate an increased nexus between the study and practice of law with an overarching focus on technology that is underpinned by the importance of mental wellness. The Legal Forecast has run legal hackathons (such as Disrupting Law) across Australia and a recent winner of the Hackcess to Justice Hackthon run in partnership with the Department of Justice and Attorney General resulted in the implementation of MANDI, an innovative justice solution, into the Queensland Civil and Administrative Appeals Tribunal.

Angus’ background brings a balance between human rights and technology with a view that informed innovation and competent use of technology within the legal profession serves to benefit the public generally.


Andrea Perry-Petersen

Lawyer, Innovator, Consultant and Podcaster; Member of QLS Innovation committee

Andrea is a lawyer engaged in social change through education, collaboration and service innovation. Her diverse industry experience comprises corporate governance and human rights within international non Government Organisations, university teaching, commercial law and community law. This has provided Andrea with a unique combination of skills in innovation and program design, research, legal education, communication, law reform, technological literacy and process improvement.

Andrea is seen as a leader on the benefits, challenges and opportunities of innovation. Last year she was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to research how human centred design and digital innovation may improve people's experience of the law. This year she established a podcast "Reimagining Justice" which covers topics about how innovation and technology is improving people's experience of the law.

She enjoys working with others to create change for positive social impact and is constantly expanding her knowledge. Her current interests include design thinking, analysing data to understand community need, collaborating across disciplines and leveraging technology to increase access to justice for everyday Australians.

Andrea is a member of the Queensland Law Society Innovation Committee and winner of the Queensland Law Society Innovation in Law award.


Matthew Shearing

Lawyer, Innovator, Consultant and Podcaster; Member of QLS Innovation committee

Matthew Shearing is a technology & business lawyer, advisor and podcast host. Matthew is the founder of Blocksense, a consultancy which helps professionals understand technology and better manage their privacy & security. He also consults directly to businesses looking to develop robust technology plans or means-test distributed ledger solutions.

As a lawyer, Matthew advises on many aspects of modern business, with a particular focus on technology, privacy and cybersecurity, risk management, compliance and commercial relationships. He regularly writes programs, deploys server environments and works with a wide array of open-source software to ensure he’s across the rapidly changing world his clients operate in and can genuinely ‘speak their language’.

Matthew’s podcast, The FOMO Show, touches on all aspects of emergent technology and deals with many of the issues created by innovation. He’s also the founder of the Blockchain for Business meetup, which is held monthly in Brisbane and provides a forum for professionals to learn about the technology and meet others involved in the space. Matthew is a member of Blockchain Australia and the Queensland Law Society.


Kim Trajer

Chief Operating Officer, McCullough Robertson Lawyers and Member, Queensland Law Society Innovation Committee

Kim is the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at McCullough Robertson and for more than ten years has implemented innovation projects and driven cultural change aligned to strategy. Before that, Kim spent 15 years as a client facing lawyer, She has a unique understanding of the challenges facing clients and lawyers coupled with insight into how law firms operate.

Over the past decade, Kim has found the opportunities in a changing legal industry by being an enthusiastic early adopter (and adapter) of multiple new technologies, platforms and mindsets.

In her current role as COO she has:

  • developed and implemented innovation strategies that have, enhanced clients’ experience
  • improved financial performance
  • increased people’s productivity and engagement
  • grown her firm’s professional standing and recognition
  • exceeded community’s expectations.

Kim’s success is based on her own experience as a legal service professional and on her philosophy of staying connected to people at all levels, to understand their needs, embracing change as an opportunity, and always asking ‘is there a better way?

Kim joined the Innovation Committee to collaborate with others who are passionate about new ideas and ways of working, and who see change as an opportunity. Kim also wanted to be part of a Committee that helps the profession navigate the disruption the industry is facing, and solve the challenge of building a sustainable future (for lawyers, law firms – of all shapes and sizes, legal staff and the profession).

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