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Adieu is a Brisbane-based legal tech start-up who provides family lawyers with new ways to engage clients, progress matters and work cooperatively. As a social impact organisation, their purpose is to make good legal advice, self-determination, and positive ways forward available to as many families as possible.

Adieu replaces the back-and-forth of traditional family law with intelligent technology that shifts the focus to exploring outcomes with an expert team of lawyers, mediators, coaches, financial advisers and accountants.

Adieu was the winner of the 2018 Australian Legal Practice Management AssociationA/LexisNexis Thought Leadership Award for their Consensus Accelerator project and a recipient of the federal government’s prestigious Accelerating Commercialisation grant.

Their Lawyer Partner Program has just been made available to forward-thinking family lawyers to join as foundation partners.

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Sympli is Australia’s second-to-market electronic lodgment network operator. and Aa result of a collaboration between Australia’s leading provider of e-settlement technology and services, InfoTrack, and one of the world’s leading financial exchanges, ASX. With a shared philosophy of putting clients first, Sympli is the next generation e-settlements solution that brings healthy competition, reliability, security and value to the industry.

Sympli has been consulting with thousands of lawyers and conveyancers in the industry to obtain a deeper understanding of their day-to-day workflow to identify what they do and don’t want to see in an e-settlements platform. This feedback has been integral in developing an intuitive and user-friendly platform which will enable a seamless transition to e-settlements with confidence. To put it simply, the platform is designed by users, for users.

A significant advantage of Sympli’s platform will be the seamless and comprehensive integration into your existing practice management systems. In fact, Sympli will fully integrate with over 30 practice management systems. So what does this mean in a practical sense? Well, Sympli’s level of integration means all information from your practice management system will be pulled across, enough to complete an entire workspace. This also means you’ll avoid having to re-key data, saving time and eliminating human error that often follows with manual processes. Whether you’re a large volume or irregular user, Sympli’s platform will improve efficiency like never before.

An efficient, price effective and integrated e-settlement solution for the conveyancing, legal and financial communities – Sympli is coming.

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Wise Owl Legal

Wise Owl Legal was created especially for law firms to improve their efficiency and truly automate the administrative overhead in their firms.

Wise Owl Legal provides you with flexibility and seamless access to your data from your office, your client's office, court or at home. Your security is paramount, with secure password requirements coupled with 2 factor authentication when you are out of the office.

Wise Owl Legal provides you everything to automate the administration of your law firm including compliant trust accounting; matter and contact management; complete document management with powerful template creation; time and fee recording; management of outlays and recoveries and a full billing module. To keep you in control, extensive reporting is provided on all modules. The general ledger accounting passes seamlessly to QuickBooks Online to provide flexible real time reporting.

Wise Owl Legal Practice Management runs from a web browser. We understand each law firm is unique and has unique requirements. For this reason, we give you the choice of operating from our Wise Owl Legal Sydney (Amazon) Cloud or hosting in your own office. Nearly all of the drop down lists are full customisable within Wise Owl Legal which allows the system to be tailored to your specific business goals.

The team at Wise Owl Legal is passionate about moving law firms into the future and always strives to not only offer the best support, but to also come up with new and innovative ways in order to make the day to day of running a law firm as efficient as it can be.

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