Queensland Law Society


QLS continually strives to find innovative ways to deliver high-quality, cost effective professional development to our members.  Our livecasts offer a simple and convenient means of meeting your professional development needs.

Presented by knowledgeable professionals chosen from our pool of talented presenters, our livecasts cover specialist topics across a growing array of practice areas.

Attending a livecast is similar to attending an event in that you need to register and then be ready to participate at the appropriate time and date.  The difference is that you can participate from a location of your choice, as long as you have a computer or device with internet access.

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Benefits of livecasts

  • enriched, easy-to-use interactive learning experience
  • accessible from any computer, tablet or mobile device
  • access to professional development events from any geographic location
  • interact directly with facilitators and participants
  • no need to travel for professional development
  • minimal disruption to business operations
  • affordable, convenient way to earn CPD points.


Our introductory rates for a one hour livecast are:

  • Members: $85
  • Non-Members: $111

Complimentary livecasts


A livecast is an event that is conducted over the internet, where a presenter typically shares PowerPoint slides and other materials, and audio is accessed either over the internet (within the livecast platform) or by telephone. You can interact with the presenter by asking questions throughout the livecast. Livecasts are conducted live with remote participants and are also recorded for viewing at a later time.  
No. Livecasts are independent events and are only run for online viewing, there is no live audience option available for these events.
Our online events calendar lists all upcoming events including livecast events and these will always have the location listed as “Online”.
Prior to the livecast attendees will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain a link which you can use to open the livecast page on the day. You will then be required to enter your email address to login to the livecast. You must use the email address which was provided to register for the livecast. Only one login will be valid per registration and email address. The live livecast will only be accessible during its advertised time, so please ensure your prompt login and attendance. Registration will open ten minutes prior to the livecast start time, you will not be able to log in prior to this time.
A livecast is only available for viewing in its live format for the duration of the livecast itself. However, livecasts will be recorded so that registered delegates may view the recording as many times as desired within the following 12 months. Registered delegates can expect to receive a link to the recorded version one week after the live livecast via email.
Livecasts are recorded and are available for purchase both prior to and after the live livecast date. Within a week of the live livecast event, purchasers will receive a link with access details for viewing the recorded livecast. The recorded version of the livecast will not allow for any interactive elements such as asking questions or answering polls.
You only require a computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access,a web browser and an up-to-date version of Flash to participate in the livecast. To hear the audio over the internet, your device must have speakers, otherwise you will need access to a telephone.  If you wish to listen privately without disturbing others, earphones are recommended. There are no additional software or equipment requirements.The following web browsers are recommended Internet Explorer 8 and above, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. For further information about technical requirements and where to update/download flash, please view the livecast fact sheet page.