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Ongoing support

QLS is committed to supporting good law and good lawyers. We are dedicated to providing members with ongoing professional support after you graduate.

By completing your PMC with QLS, you will be offered exclusive membership to our PMC Alumni program which includes a platform to build networks, discuss key learnings, and receive offers to exclusive seminars and events.

PMC Alumni have access to professional support services including our Practice Support Consultancy Service and Trust Account Consultancy. These consultancies are for newly established practices across Queensland and ensure you are supported as you enter the world of practice management.

Our practice support consultants have years of experience running their own practices and are able to provide guidance in essential areas such as, legal project management, costs disclosure, client agreements, and practice management generally.

Our Trust Account Consultants are experienced in investigating trust accounts in law practices and are able to provide crucial support in relation to trust account processes and record keeping.


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