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How to apply

    To enrol in a Queensland Law Society Specialist Accreditation program:

    Your application must include:

    • The completed Specialist Accreditation Application Form
    • Three completed Referee Report forms (or an indication that your referees will submit these reference forms directly to QLS). 
    For more information on 2021 applications, please contact the Specialist Accreditation team on spec@qls.com.au or 07 3842 5952.

    Key dates

    Applications open Monday 1 March 2021
    Information Evening  Monday 1 March 2021

    Applications close

    Application closing date has been extended to 5pm on Tuesday 6 April. 
    Assessment Briefing Evening 4 May 2021-Commercial Litigation & Succession Law
    5 May 2021-Family Law & Property Law
    Assessment Dates

    Assessment Dates will between June/July and August/September. 

    QLS staff will provide an update to all candidates in advance of the assessment dates and confirm the manner in which they will be conducted.

    Results released

    Results will be released in November 2021

    Application fees

    Application fee

    $154.00 (GST inclusive)
    This is a non-refundable processing fee. Applications will not be considered until payment of this fee is made.

    Course fee

    $1,100.00 (GST inclusive)
    Successful applicants will be issued with an invoice for the course fee. This fee covers the assessment process. Admission into the program will not be confirmed until this fee has been paid.

    Accreditation fee

    $433.40 (GST inclusive)
    This fee is payable once you have successfully completed the assessment process.
    A re-accreditation fee is payable each year at the time of renewing your practising certificate and QLS membership.

    All fees above are inclusive of GST and are tax deductible.