Queensland Law Society

Specialist Accreditation

Maintaining your accreditation

How do I maintain my accreditation?

Reaccreditation must be obtained annually. In order to qualify for reaccreditation, you must:

  • continue to hold full membership with the Society
  • hold a practising certificate issued by the Society or the Bar Association of Queensland, or continue to be engaged in legal practice as a government legal officer engaged in government work
  • maintain substantial involvement in the area of practice in which accreditation is held (i.e. not less than 25% of full-time employment or the equivalent part-time employment as stated previously)
  • complete an additional five CPD points annually (i.e. a total of 15 points per CPD year), where a minimum of 10 CPD points must be in the area of accreditation
  • pay the annual reaccreditation fee within the prescribed period each year.

Please note:  In the CPD year in which accreditation is granted, you are only required to complete one additional CPD point in the core area of Practice Management and Business Skills.

Will I be subject to an audit of my CPD requirements as an accredited specialist?

In the first three CPD years following your accreditation, you will be asked to submit a Reaccreditation Report. This Report should set out the professional development activities you have completed during the CPD year to satisfy your specific CPD requirements.

Once you have been subject to audit for three CPD years, you will be asked to submit a Reaccreditation Report if you are selected at random during the annual audit process.

You are encouraged to:

  • maintain a record of the professional development activities you have completed each CPD year (from 1 April – 31 March)
  • retain supporting documentation for the activities that you wish to rely on for your 10 advanced points in your area of accreditation. Supporting documentation can include any form of documentation that describes the content of the activity you have attended.