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Trust accounts

Trust accounting guide and resources, including an overview of the legislative requirements of trust accounting processes, a voluntary check list to assist external examiners determine whether a law practice has complied with its legislative obligations and an external examiner's program to guide accountants to properly discharge their duties when externally examining solicitors' trust accounts.

For trust accounting enquiries call 07 3842 5908 or email managertai@qls.com.au

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Every law practice in Queensland must hold professional indemnity insurance that complies with the Queensland Law Society Indemnity Rule 2005

Limitation of Liability Scheme

The limitation of liability scheme is a statutory scheme, enforced by the courts, that caps the amount of damages that can be awarded against a law practice (other than an incorporated legal practice).

For enquiries call the Limitation of Liability Scheme co-ordinator on 07 3842 5935  or email capscheme@qls.com.au

Legal Practitioners' Admissions Board

The Legal Practitioners Admissions Board (LPAB) is the statutory body established under the Act which is responsible for making recommendations to the Supreme Court in respect of applications for admission to the legal profession in Queensland.

Legal Practitioners' Fidelity Guarantee Fund

The Legal Practitioners' Fidelity Guarantee Fund (LPFGF) is administered by the QLS to reimburse people who have suffered loss arising from an act or omission of an associate of a law practice that involves dishonesty and results in a default of a law practice or fraudulent dealing with trust property received by a law practice.

For enquiries call the Manager of the Fidelity Guarantee Fund on 07 3742 5969 or email d.franklin@qls.com.au

External Interventions

QLS can appoint an external intervener to a law practice for the purpose of protecting the interests of the general public, clients or the owners and employees of a law practice.

There are three types of external inverveners - a supervisor of trust money received by a law practice, a manager of a law practice and a receiver of a law practice.

Complaints and the disciplinary process

In Queensland the Legal Services Commission deals with complaints against solicitors.

Disqualified lay associates

A law practice must not employ a disqualified lay associate without consent of the Council.  An offence against section 26 of the Legal Profession Act 2007 carries a maximum penalty of 200 penalty units ($15,000), so it is imperative that law practices take appropriate action to ensure they do not contravene the Act.

Guidelines for employing disqualified or convicted persons and for making applications to the Law Society for approval to employ disqualified and convicted persons are set out below.

Applications may be submitted to the General Manager Regulation .

QLS Policies on regulatory matters

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