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Healthy work, healthy living

Achieving a balance between demands on your time isn’t easy—every day our attention and efforts are pulled between competing deadlines and priorities at work and home. This constant push/pull between our commitments and priorities can lead to stresses, missed deadlines and burnout.

The best way to avoid these is to strive towards creating ‘work life balance’: an equilibrium between our competing demands. Here are some practical tips you can undertake to get a work life balance:

  1. Do an audit of your time—this will help you understand where your time is being taken up and what percentage of time is being devoted to work, social, health and fitness, family and hobbies etc. What percentage of time are you at work? 
  2. Are you utilising your time effectively? Can you delegate, outsource, share the task with a colleague or friend?
  3. What can you stop doing, in the short term, to ensure that you are focussing on current goals? What can be picked up at a later date?

Remember, achieving balance involves rewarding yourself for your hard work by spending time with family and friends, engaging in a variety of activities and hobbies and getting plenty of rest.

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