Queensland Law Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Postgraduate study programs are recognised if you can demonstrate relevance to your legal practice, e.g. Master of Laws.
Yes. Accredited specialists are required to complete 10 CPD scheme units in their area of expertise and five additional units of their choice but must comply with core area requirements. As an accredited specialist, you still need to demonstrate a commitment to the maintenance of a special level of competence in the area of practice in which accreditation is held.
You can claim 10 CPD scheme units in the year of completion (eight general units and one unit in each of the compulsory core areas of practical legal ethics and professional skills). You are required to complete one additional CPD unit in the core area of practice management and business skills in order to meet your CPD requirements.
Yes. All practitioners holding a current Queensland practising certificate are required to undertake CPD activities wherever they reside.
No but you are expected to personally maintain a record of your yearly CPD activities. Audits will be carried out to ensure compliance. If selected for audit, you will be notified and requested to submit your CPD record and other supporting documentation.
If you have not attained the necessary CPD scheme units by 31 March each year, you can submit a written application to the CPD Committee requesting a 90 day extension.
Compliance is mandatory for all practitioners holding a current practising certificate, regardless of whether they are employed full-time or part-time.
If you hold a practising certificate and cannot provide evidence of sufficient CPD commitment when audited, regulatory action can occur. Non-compliance can result in the cancellation, suspension or the placement of further conditions on your practising certificate, as determined by the Queensland Law Society Council.
The CPD scheme involves self-assessment, where you must consider your specific requirements for professional development (whether technical legal knowledge, professional skills or other needs) and then decide whether the activity is suitable to allow you to develop the knowledge and/or skill to be applied in legal practice.
You may claim one unit per hour for watching on-demand recordings of professional development events, such as a conference or seminar; however the recording must have been filmed in the current CPD year, or in January – March of the previous CPD year.
You may claim one unit per hour for attending a live webinar or viewing an on-demand recording of a professional development event; however the session must have been recorded in the current CPD year or in January - March of the previous CPD year.
You can claim 10 CPD units in the year of completion including all core units.
You may request exemption from completing your annual CPD requirements if you have been practising for more than 40 years AND you do not hold a principal practising certificate. Your application must be made in writing to the CPD Committee at cpd@qls.com.au. Your request for exemption will be processed within 10 working days.
No. If granted an exemption, it may apply for the remainder of your legal career. You can specify how long you wish to be exempt in your written application.
The CPD Committee meets quarterly. Requests for exemption are considered and a response sent within 10 working days of the CPD Committee's decision.
You can apply for an extension of up to 90 days to seek the documentation from the provider/s.
There is no definitive list of events or activities for each of the compulsory core areas. It is up to you to assess whether the activity applies to one of the compulsory core areas.