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Early Career Lawyers—Future leaders of the profession

Queensland Law Society (QLS) understands that the first few years of practice can be among the most challenging in a lawyer’s career. It’s base camp one…and the path to the summit can seem daunting!

That is why QLS has a suite of products curated for Early Career Lawyers (ECLs)—practitioners with 0-5 years post admission experience (PAE). Whether it is through social networking events to connect you with like-minded professionals, or bespoke professional development courses, QLS is here to support you.

If you have any questions about the support and offering for ECLs, please do not hesitate to contact Sheetal Deo, Relationship Manager – Future Lawyers, Future Leaders at earlycareerlawyers@qls.com.au.


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QLS inaugural election for Future Leaders Committee

QLS CEO Rolf Moses recently announced the upcoming election in September for a new Future Leaders Committee. It is time for our next generation of lawyers to step up and shape the future of the Queensland legal profession.

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QLS recognizes the diversity of its members and appreciates that life in law extends beyond the firm. That’s why we have several committees, working groups and networks to support you.

Opportunities for ECLs:

  • (NEW! Election coming soon) Future Leaders Committee—a democratically elected group of your peers (0-5 years PAE or under 36) who have chosen to take a proactive role in changing the shape of the future. Find out more
  • ECL Committee—the ECL Committee advocates for lawyers in their first five years of practice. The Committee organises networking and social events for ECLs and hosts seminars and workshops that focus on topics relevant to lawyers at the start of their careers. Meet your current committee members.
  • Later lawyers network—for those joining the profession later in their career. Are you a second career, ‘mature age’ or have entered the legal profession ‘later’ in your career? Whether its advice, education about admission pathways and employment or networking opportunities, we want to hear from you to better support you. Get in touch

Other opportunities include:

  • QLS Diverse Abilities Network
  • Wellbeing working group
  • Equity and Diversity committee
  • Several policy committees

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Events and education programs

QLS has a tailored suite of events for lawyers in their formative years of practice.

From networking to professional development, we aim to equip entrants into the legal profession with the right tools and contacts to flourish.

Some key events that QLS runs annually include:

  • Young Professionals Networking Evening—usually held twice a year where we partner with different organizations across various industries to help build your ‘black book’ of contacts and potential clientele leads.
  • QLS Early Career Lawyers’ ball—an annual event, the ECL’s nights of nights aims to provide a fun night out to celebrate the profession as well as networking opportunities.
  • Complimentary Wellbeing and Cultural & Diversity events such as Mental Health Breakfasts and Workplace harassment in the legal profession seminar.
  • Discounted professional development programs to boost your knowledge and strengthen your practice.

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Stay informed with Emerge newsletter

Emerge: a monthly e-newsletter specially curated for our future leaders featuring the latest updates, education, events and news relevant to practitioners in their formative years of practice.

All QLS members who are under 36 years of age or have 0-5 years post admission experience (PAE) receive this complimentary newsletter as part of their QLS membership.

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Member benefits for ECLs

QLS provides a range of member benefits specific to the stage of your career.

This includes:

  • Discounted pricing for early career lawyers on selected events;
  • Blended learning options include a wide variety of on-demand content;
  • Emerge—your personalized newsletter with content relevant to your practice;
  • Exclusive events for early career lawyers including the Young Professionals Networking evening;
  • Business development and networking opportunities through feature pieces on Proctor Online including ‘In Conversation With…’ and ‘Behind the Beverage’;
  • Opportunities to attend as a guest to any of the policy committee meetings; and
  • Recognition of outstanding achievement through the Emerging Leader Award.
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