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President's Update

So, how are you at disposing of dead bodies?

I admit it seems like an odd question to ask a group of lawyers, and if a client ever asks you that it would be a good time to re-schedule the appointment, call the QLS Solicitor Support (aka the Ethics Centre) and perhaps decline any invitation to that particular client’s Christmas party.

In all seriousness though, solicitors may well need to know about body disposal, albeit not in the late night gardening sense of the term. If you want to find out exactly why we might need to know that, and what you need to tell your clients about it, you will need to get along to QLS Symposium 2020.

At one of the sessions there, you can listen to an actual expert in body disposal (and succession, wills and estates law) Christine Smyth, tell you what you need to know about arrangements for the final resting place of the deceased. Again, this is not in a getting-rid-of-the-evidence scenario, but I won’t play spoiler on this session. It does give a whole new meaning to knowing where the bodies are buried though…

In fact, next year’s symposium has a smorgasbord of topics to delight the palettes of lawyers new and somewhat less than new. I will also be there, and also talking about bags—although in this sense not body bags but bags of cash, and why it isn’t such a great idea to let your clients pay with them. I will be joined by an illustrious panel including Lincoln Crowley QC, Criminal Law Accredited Specialist Chelsea Emery, QLS Criminal Law Committee Chair (and Accredited Specialist) Rebecca Fogerty, Dan Rogers, Principal, Robertson O’Gorman Solicitors  and Alan MacSporran QC, Chair of the CCC.

You can also hear about e-trials from his honour Justice David Jackson and Michael Hodge QC, and explore the many new models for law firms emerging. Guiding you through this will be a panel of disruptors for the coalface: Janelle Kerrisk of Helix Legal, Karen Grumley, Head of Legal—Coal, Pacific National, Jemima Harris, Director, LOD Innovation & Design, Richard Gardiner, Partner, HopgoodGanim Lawyers and Peter Westerveld, Former Head of Innovation, Norton Rose Fulbright.

We have been fortunate enough to have many judges, Accredited Specialists, senior solicitors and QCs come on board to deliver an innovative and informative programme, and I hope to see some of you there.

We also have some good events coming up for ECLs this month. Our next Aspire lecture on 6 November features none other than new Legal Services Commissioner Megan Mahon. Megan’s insights about her journey to leadership will be of great value to those just starting out on their careers (and to old geezers like me as well!). Interested practitioners can register here.

For those kicking off a career in-house, QLS is presenting a Livecast providing Top tips for in-house counsel. Register here to listen in at lunchtime on 8 November.

Until next time, all the best as we run up to the busy end-of-year period, and remember the Christmas break is just around the corner!