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Bar Association of Queensland

The Bar Association of Queensland was established in 1903 as the professional body representing the interests of members of the Bar practising in Queensland.

Whilst the scope and functions of the Association have broadened since its establishment, its primary goals of promoting the rule of law and maintaining the high ethical standards of the Bar remain in place. Since July 2004, the Association has assumed important regulatory responsibilities under the Legal Profession Act 2007 (Qld) and issues practising certificates for local legal practitioners who wish to practise as a barrister.

Membership is available to all barristers practising in Queensland, to interstate barristers and to others associated with the legal profession. The Association provides a comprehensive range of member benefits and services, including regular continuing professional development (CPD) seminars, conferences, mentoring through our Readers system, and on-going professional advice and assistance.

Working as a barrister is intellectually stimulating and rewarding. For many barristers, the independence and challenge of having to rely on their own skill and reputation to earn a living is a very satisfying aspect of life at the private Bar. To become a Barrister, you need to be an admitted legal practitioner and successfully undertake the Bar Practice Course run by the Association. However, before applying for a position in the Bar Practice Course, you must pass the Bar Exams which consists of three examinations, focusing on legal ethics, practice and procedure, and evidence.

The Association’s Bar Practice Course is a full time six week course with a strong practical and interactive emphasis. The majority of sessions are conducted by members of the Bar, the Judiciary and the Magistracy. The course is held twice per year, with exams also being held twice per year.

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The super fund for Australia’s legal community

Managing the superannuation of the Australian legal community since 1989, legalsuper was founded for and is dedicated to your financial wellbeing. As an industry super fund, legalsuper exists to profit members, not shareholders. No matter where you are in your career, we provide a tailored, responsive and personal service; partnering with you from your first years until retirement. We are your fund for life.

Supporting your professional development

Involvement in the CPD program is another way for legalsuper to support its members and the community to grow and thrive in their professional lives.

An industry fund
  • Run only to profit members
  • No commissions paid to agents
  • Low administration fees
  • Intelligent insurance
  • Strong returns with smart investments
Here for you

You can speak with a super expert whether you are a legalsuper member or not. As a Law Society member, you will be able to access the expertise of experienced legalsuper representatives, who can sit down with you face to face at no cost. They can help you make choices which will ensure you are on the right path.

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Pride in Law

Who are we

Pride in Law is an association established for LGBTIQ+ legal professionals and their allies. As a professional organisation based in Brisbane, Pride in Law was founded to:

  • coordinate lawyer-to-lawyer networking events
  • collaborate with a wide range of lawyers across multiple disciplines to confront pressing issues involving the LGBTIQ+ community and their allies
  • organise scholarly forums to engage lawyers and their allies in current LGBTIQ+ legal debates through social networking events.
All welcome

Pride in Law was Australia's first legal networking association designed to bring together the LGBTIQ+ legal profession across multiple disciplines. Pride in Law is not exclusive to any single area of legal discipline. Whether you're a corporate lawyer from a top tier firm, student, judicial associate, a criminal solicitor, government legal officer, family practitioner, child protection lawyer, barrister, judicial officer, or personal injuries legal practitioner, all allies are welcome.

How do i get involved?

Pride in Law is managed by an executive committee appointed each financial year. Pride in Law is a non-political group, aimed at linking the LGBTIQ+ legal community and their allies.

We hold monthly meetings and host events to engage the wider legal profession. All monthly meetings and larger events are on our website.

Come along and get involved in building a more diverse and inclusive legal profession!

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Supreme Court Library Queensland

For more than 155 years, Supreme Court Library Queensland (SCLQ) has been serving the administration of justice in Queensland by providing legal information services to the judiciary, legal profession and broader community.

When you join the legal profession, we will be your go-to service for assistance with your case preparation and research.

You can access most of our services online. Or visit us on level 12 of the QEII Courts of Law in Brisbane. (We also maintain regional library collections in Cairns, Rockhampton and Townsville.)

Free services for QLS members – Register
  • Research assistance—members get up to 30 minutes of free research assistance a day
  • Document request service—members get up to 10 free documents a day
  • Access to our comprehensive collections—browse the library catalogue to explore over 160,000 print items and 65,000 online resources
  • Resource support and training—learn how to get the most out of our databases, collections and subscriptions
  • Virtual Legal Library (VLL)—free online access to key legal publications in the areas of civil, criminal and family law from leading publishers (eligibility conditions apply)

The library is the official publisher of the decisions of Queensland courts and tribunals. We provide access to judgments and sentencing information via our CaseLaw service. Our Queensland Sentencing Information System (QSIS) helps criminal law practitioners make sentencing submissions to the courts (eligibility conditions apply).

Heritage and education

The library maintains an extensive legal heritage collection, which we share through curated exhibitions and displays in the library and our heritage centre. We also educate schools and community groups about the courts and Queensland's legal system, and we host the popular Selden Society legal heritage series of lectures, which attract CPD points when you attend.

SCLQ: your law library

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Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (WLAQ)

Women Lawyers Association of Queensland Inc (WLAQ) is an organisation dedicated to women who are jurists, practising professionals, legal academics, legal graduates and students of law. WLAQ was formed in 1978 by Leneen Forde AC (Founding President) and Carmel MacDonald, Veronica McCarthy, Barbara Newton, Fay Silcock, Joan Bennett, Mollie Whitehouse, Una Prentice, Noela L’estrange, Margaret McMurdo and Ros Lian.

The creation of WLAQ was a historic moment. It demonstrated that when women worked together we could achieve more for the advancement of women in the law, than individuals acting alone. WLAQ is proud of the legacy the committees of years past and has recognised those achievements through the conferral of its honorary membership.

As an association of professionals, we seek to help members directly and indirectly by:

  • raising awareness and proposing changes on issues facing women in law
  • advocating for appointments on merit
  • providing resources around flexible working arrangements
  • liaising with other peak bodies including the Bar Association of Queensland and Queensland Law Society
  • Supporting mentoring and guiding of more junior members
  • organising events to provide networking and educational opportunities.

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