Queensland Law Society

Required study & training

Studying for a law degree demands determination and commitment, coupled with stamina and intellect. It requires a good memory, the capacity to analyse and reason, and the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes.

The rewards can be great, however. The knowledge and skills gained from a law degree will equip a graduate with a wonderful foundation for a career in law or a number of other fields

Recognised law degrees

There is the option of completing a single bachelor of law (LLB) degree, but most students combine a law degree with another degree to enhance their employment prospects upon graduation.

Completion of a single degree takes four years  and a double degree usually takes about five years. However, there is no requirement to complete a double degree to gain admission as a lawyer.

There are nine law schools in Queensland. See the corporate links page for more information.

Practical training

Graduates wishing to be admitted must also undertake additional legal training by  completing a practical legal training (PLT) course, or serving as a supervised trainee.

PLT courses cover training in areas such as ethics, legal writing and drafting, interview skills and other common practice-related skills.

Traineeships are a form of on-the-job training which offers the opportunity to gain practical knowledge in a practice environment while earning a wage.

In Queensland there are a number of law schools that offer PLT or trainee courses.