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Login Issues

If you are experiencing login issues (i.e. you have used an incorrect username or password) please contact the QLS Records Department on (07) 3842 5805 or via email (records@qls.com.au).

In most cases you will receive a response within 1 working day.


  • QLS Members (Full, Associate, Tertiary etc.) have full access to the QLS Website.
  • Schools & Community Education Program Members (Teachers etc.) have access to the schools section only.
  • The "Member Only" and "Schools & Community Education" areas are only available when logged in.

Help with Downloading Documents

Most documents on this website are in Portable File Format (PDF), a versatile format which allows documents to be distributed and viewed electronically on a wide range of computers.

To view PDF documents you need to install the free Acrobat Reader. For more information or to download the free reader, visit the Adobe website.

How to view PDF documents from this website

By clicking on a link to a PDF document, your computer will usually display it within your internet browser. Viewing a PDF in this manner will result in long delays when loading and turning pages, and may result in errors. We recommend downloading PDF documents to your local drive by:

  • right-clicking the link to the document
  • select "save target as"
  • save to the folder of your choice
  • open from this location in Acrobat Reader by selecting File, Open

Ensure you only open PDF documents in Acrobat Reader - opening a PDF in another application such as Word will result in an unreadable document.

PDF documents not displaying

In some circumstances, users with older or incorrectly configured versions of Internet Explorer may receive a blank screen or an error message while trying to view a PDF document. You can avoid this problem by downloading the PDF as described above. To fix this problem permanently, ensure your browser software is up-to-date.

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