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McLaren v Wiltshire Lawyers Pty Ltd [2019] QSC 305

23 January 2020

Costs agreements – fair and reasonable – estimate – disclosure under the Legal Profession Act.

Glencore International AG v Commissioner of Taxation [2019] HCA 26

11 October 2019

Legal professional privilege – privilege as an actionable legal right – privilege as a cause of action – privilege as an immunity ­– injunctive relief in equity’s auxiliary jurisdiction.

Bell Lawyers Pty Ltd v Pentelow [2019] HCA 29

8 October 2019

Practice and procedure – costs – legal practitioners – barristers – where self-represented litigant may not obtain any recompense for value of his or her time spent in litigation – Chorley exception – whether Chorley exception exists for self-represented litigant who is a solicitor or barrister – whether Chorley exception is recognised as part of the common law of Australia.

Council of the Law Society of New South Wales v Renfrew [2019] NSWCATOD 63

16 July 2019

Professional misconduct; Swearing on an affidavit knowing or ought to have known to be false.

Solicitors Regulation Authority v Barca (Solicitors Disciplinary Tribunal, Chairman JP Davies, 27 February 2019)

29 March 2019

Conflict of interest between solicitor and client – professional independence – exploitation of client – lending money to client.

Legal Profession Conduct Commissioner v SJG Thomas [2017] SASCFC 159

6 April 2018

Lawyers – misconduct; unfitness and discipline – disciplinary orders – striking off and ancillary orders

Legal Services Commissioner v PS Merkin [2017] QCAT 440

20 March 2018

Professions and trades – Lawyers – Qualifications and admission – Fit and proper persons

KMB v Legal Practitioners Admissions Board (Queensland) [2017] QCA 76

11 May 2017

Early consideration of suitability for admission – Fit and proper persons – Applicant had previous criminal convictions – Court will look at surrounding circumstances

Legal Practitioners Admissions Board v RFJ Doolan [2016] QCA 331

13 March 2017

Professions and trades – Lawyers – Qualifications and admission

In the matter of an application for admission as a legal practitioner by JY [2016] QCA 324

6 February 2017

Professions and trades – Lawyers – Qualifications and admission – Fit and proper persons