Queensland Law Society

Communication with another solicitor's client

33. Communication with another solicitor’s client

33.1 A solicitor must not deal directly with the client or clients of another practitioner unless:

33.1.1 the other practitioner has previously consented;

33.1.2 the solicitor believes on reasonable grounds that:

(i) the circumstances are so urgent as to require the solicitor to do so; and

(ii) the dealing would not be unfair to the opponent’s client;

33.1.3 the substance of the dealing is solely to enquire whether the other party or parties to a matter are represented and, if so, by whom; or

33.1.4 there is notice of the solicitor’s intention to communicate with the other party or parties, but the other practitioner has failed, after a reasonable time, to reply and there is a reasonable basis for proceeding with contact.