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Attacks on law firm data heating up: New threats and some practical tips to defeat them

Cyberattacks are a fact of life for law firms, and the threat is likely to escalate in 2019. Vast collections of stolen user names/passwords offer an easy way into many firms’ data, and new forms of exploiting the access gained emerge constantly. Blackmailing firms to prevent release of client data is the latest type of attack.

The reputational impact of data loss to a law firm cannot be underestimated. The mandatory data breach notification regime that now applies to most law firms exacerbates the effect dramatically – and may require you to contact every existing and former client to advise them that persons unknown may have their information. Even if a criminal does not manage to steal one cent of client money, the remediation and reputational effect of an attack could cost even a small firm tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

For a more detailed discussion of the emerging threats to law firm data in Q1 2019, and some practical tips to deal with them read the full article below.