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QLS Member free security software offer

Compromised passwords are the most common way cyber-criminals use to attack law firms. Fortunately, password vulnerabilities can be reduced cheaply. Every firm should have a password policy and insist that all staff and partners follow it. A template policy is available on the QLS website as a starting point. A strong password is unique, long and complex, which makes remembering them almost impossible without help. The QLS Cyber Essentials insurance package includes the “Dashlane” password management system, an encrypted online vault which can store passwords and track them between devices. Free to Member Firms, download your free copy here.

Only a fixed number of licenses is supplied with this policy, so please do not facilitate fraudulent misuse by circulating the Policy Number. 

For some tips on how to deploy and implement policies please see here.

An important disclaimer: The Queensland Law Society “QLS” does not warrant that software and services offered by third parties and referred to in QLS Cybersecurity guidance materials (“the Software”) is free from defect or appropriate for any particular firm’s circumstances. QLS does not accept liability for loss or damage arising from or contributed to by use of the Software. The Software has not been assessed by QLS and practitioners should obtain appropriately qualified expert advice prior to selecting or deploying it. 

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