Queensland Law Society

How does someone make a complaint about a solicitor?

All complaints have to be made to the Legal Services Commission (‘LSC’) in writing. The Queensland Law Society (QLS) has power to investigate trust account matters. The QLS will refer matters to the LSC. It is up to the LSC to decide whether it prosecutes conduct matters or allegations as to trust account breaches.

The LSC also deals with public enquiries and, when contacted by a solicitor’s client with concerns, may attempt to resolve minor matters on an informal basis.

Information on the complaints process, and the complaint form, are available from the LSC website:

If you are thinking of making a complaint in your own name, or assisting a client to make a complaint, you should note the Australian Solicitors Conduct Rules 2012 and in particular:

32. Unfounded allegations

32.1 A solicitor must not make an allegation against another Australian legal practitioner of unsatisfactory professional conduct or professional misconduct unless the allegation is made bona fide and the solicitor believes on reasonable grounds that available material by which the allegation could be supported provides a proper basis for it.