Queensland Law Society

What can I do if there is a delay in the delivery of a court judgment?

The Queensland Law Society is a party to protocols with all courts whereby the Society, on behalf of its members, can approach the court where there has been undue delay in delivering a judgment.  For the Queensland courts there is a court protocol that reserved judgments should be delivered within 3 months.

An advantage of this process, over contacting the court yourself, is that the judge will not know which party has been chasing the judgment. The Supreme Court has placed this notice on the Court's website.

For the Federal Circuit Court of Australia, where a reserved judgment has not been delivered within three months of the completed hearing or written submissions, represented parties may contact the President of the QLS or the Bar Association of Queensland, who will write to the Chief Judge.  Self-represented litigants should write directly to the Chief Judge.

Complainants will be assured of anonymity and the complaint will be treated in confidence. The Chief Judge will put in place administrative arrangements to assist the relevant Judge to complete and deliver the judgment, and will provide feedback to the complainant through their representative, or directly in the case of a self-represented litigant.

Please note: only QLS members are able to access this service, please access the relevant forms online, complete and email to delayedjudgments@qls.com.au. Only these forms will be accepted.