Queensland Law Society

Inadvertent disclosure

31. Inadvertent disclosure 

31.1 Unless otherwise permitted or compelled by law, a solicitor to whom material known or reasonably suspected to be confidential is disclosed by another solicitor, or by some other person and who is aware that the disclosure was inadvertent must not use the material and must: 

31.1.1 return, destroy or delete the material (as appropriate) immediately upon becoming aware that disclosure was inadvertent; and 

31.1.2 notify the other solicitor or the other person of the disclosure and the steps taken to prevent inappropriate misuse of the material. 

31.2 A solicitor who reads part or all of the confidential material before becoming aware of its confidential status must: 

31.2.1 notify the opposing solicitor or the other person immediately; and 

31.2.2 not read any more of the material. 

31.3 If a solicitor is instructed by a client to read confidential material received in error, the solicitor must refuse to do so.