Queensland Law Society

What the QLS Ethics Centre does

The QLS Ethics Centre provides legal ethics and practice support guidance and education to Queensland Law Society (QLS) members. We do not provide guidance to members of the public.

Who we are

The QLS Ethics Centre is led by the Director and is comprised of a team of solicitors and law clerks. With over 70 years of combined experience in legal practice, our solicitors are well placed to assist with most queries regarding legal ethics and practice support.

What we do

If you are a lawyer or work for a lawyer, our solicitors are available to discuss and provide confidential ethical guidance. Even if the ethical issue relates to a sensitive matter, you can be comfortable knowing that talking to us is permitted under the ASCR (see Rule 9.2.3) and is confidential.

If you require guidance on practice compliance or practice management issues, you can contact our Practice Support Solicitor on 07 3842 5853.

What to expect from the service

When you call the QLS Ethics Centre you will be asked to provide some brief details about the issue. One of our solicitors will call back during which they will explore with you the context in which you are seeking guidance, unpack the dilemma and identify the ethical or practice issues raised; they will then guide you through the questions you need to ask yourself and the steps you may need to take to enable you to navigate through the matter.

What not to expect

Our solicitors cannot provide legal advice, and do not provide guidance to the general public. If you require legal advice we suggest that you engage a suitably qualified solicitor. If you are a member of the Queensland Law Society you may be able to access the Solicitor Hotline for legal advice.

How we work

The majority of the guidance we provide is completed over the phone. When you call the QLS Ethics Centre, you will be asked to consent to the recording of the conversation for internal use only and for your benefit should you wish to access a digital copy of the recording at a later time. In some instances, we may need to consider your query further and get back to you within a timely manner.

Bespoke ethics sessions

Our solicitors are available to present Bespoke Ethics Sessions to firms or organisations in-house. These sessions count towards your CPD requirements and are provided free of charge for QLS members; for a list of our existing presentations, please contact the QLS Ethics Centre via phone or email.

Sessions can also be designed specifically for your firm, practice area or a specific audience. Please contact the QLS Ethics Centre if you would like to arrange a presentation.

Contact Details

Phone: 07 3842 5843.
Email: ethics@qls.com.au.