Queensland Law Society

What the QLS Ethics and Practice Centre does

The QLS Ethics and Practice Centre (the Centre) provides legal ethics and practice support guidance and education to Queensland Law Society (QLS) members. We do not provide guidance to members of the public.

Who we are

The QLS Ethics and Practice Centre is led by the Principal Ethics and Practice Counsel and is comprised of a team of solicitors and law clerks. With over 70 years of combined experience in legal practice, our solicitors are well placed to assist with most queries regarding legal ethics and practice support.

On the 1 October 2019, QLS Solicitor Support, an incorporated legal practice was formed to provide counsel, guidance and advice on ethical and practice management issues (including educational services). QLS Solicitor Support is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Society and was created to enable practitioners who seek such guidance to claim client legal privilege over such counsel.

What we do

If you are a lawyer or work for a lawyer and are a QLS member, our solicitors are available to discuss and provide confidential ethical guidance and advice. Even if the ethical issue relates to a sensitive matter, you can be comfortable knowing that talking to us is permitted under the ASCR (see Rule 9.2.3) and is confidential.

If you require guidance on practice compliance or practice management issues, you can contact QLS Solicitor Support on 07 3842 5843.

Bespoke Ethics Sessions

Our solicitors are available to present Bespoke Ethics Sessions to firms or organisations in-house. These sessions count towards your CPD requirements and are provided free of charge for QLS members; for a list of our existing presentations, please contact QLS Solicitor Support via phone or email.

Sessions can also be designed specifically for your firm, practice area or a specific audience. Please contact QLS Solicitor Support if you would like to arrange a presentation.

QLS Legal Ethics Course

Solicitors may be required to attend the QLS Legal Ethics Course by:

  • an order of the Court, QCAT, or Legal Practice Committee;
  • referral by the Legal Services Commission;
  • resolution of Council or the Executive Committee of the Council of Queensland Law Society; or
  • where a recommendation has been made by a legal representative of a practitioner and the Centre accepts that they should undertake the course.

Practitioners are unable to attend the QLS Legal Ethics Course without one of the above orders, referrals, resolutions or recommendations. For further information about the course, please contact the Centre.

Contact Details

Phone: 07 3842 5843
Email: ethics@qls.com.au