Queensland Law Society

Police custody referral list

QLS members can access the online police custody referrals list, which is used in police stations across Queensland.

Launched in response to the Society’s long expressed concern about an inappropriate referral practice that has developed within the Queensland Police Service, the form allows practitioners to nominate themselves to receive referrals from police stations.

Queensland Law Society compiles and maintains the list for regional police stations, updating it quarterly. It is on the Queensland Police Service intranet and is provided to people in police custody on request.

We encourage members to ask their local police stations about how the list is used and consider nominating their services.

To start receiving referrals:

  1. Log in to your account under the ‘Demographic information’ heading in the left hand menu.
  2. Under the ‘Police custody referrals’ heading, ensure that your areas of referral, display contact details and Legal Aid information are correct.
  3. Please tick the box if you wish to have your mobile number displayed. The default setting is that mobile phone numbers will not be shown on the list that is sent to QPS unless otherwise indicated.
  4. Ensure your contact details (including your mobile phone number, if you wish it to be displayed) are up to date under the ‘My profile’ menu option. If they need updating, please email records@qls.com.au.


Queensland Law Society (‘QLS’) is collecting your personal information and will use the personal information you have provided in this electronic form for the purpose of compiling a police custody referral lawyer list. This list will be used by the Queensland Police Service (‘QPS’) to provide those in police custody referrals to solicitors.

Compilation and management of the referral list will be carried out by QLS. A completed and updated list will be sent to QPS on a quarterly basis.

In addition, the Society intends to use the personal information you have provided in this form for other purposes, namely:

  • To publish the referral list on the members’ section of the Society’s website;
  • Providing the list to QPS to publish on their intranet and QPS website; and
  • Providing the list to individuals in police custody who request a solicitor or ask for a referral to a solicitor.

The Society may also use third parties to administer and deliver services and communications to you by email or mail. Some third party suppliers or their products and services are located overseas. Business details and personal information you choose to provide on this form may be transferred to an overseas recipient and stored overseas to administer such services and communications to you. By completing this form, you agree to this transfer and Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to this disclosure.  

In accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001, QLS may provide notices or correspondence to you by electronic communication. By completing this form, your consent is given for this form of contact.

If you do not wish your details to be used for any one or more of the above purposes, you should advise QLS, GPO Box 1785, Brisbane, Qld, 4001 in writing.

Access further details about the QLS Privacy Statement, Plan and Code of Practice and the collection of personal information.

Please send your comments and feedback on the list to policy@qls.com.au.