Public Consultation: Queensland Law Society Professional Standards ( Limitation of Liability) Scheme 2022 - 2027

The Society has applied to the Professional Standards Council of Queensland for approval of a new Professional Standards Scheme to commence on 1 July 2022. 

As part of the process of that approval the Scheme is now out for Public Consultation.  The following documents are now available: 

  • Official Professional Standards Councils Notification of the Scheme inviting comment;
  • the proposed scheme; and
  • a detailed public consultation document. 

The proposed scheme maintains all of the existing measures for the improvement of professional standards of the profession and the protection of consumers. The new scheme provides for the first time for participation in the Scheme by Incorporated Legal Practices.

Members may wish to make submissions either to the Society or the Councils. The Councils are particularly interested in the views of members as to how the scheme may benefit consumers, members themselves and solicitors in general. Submission can be made directly to the Councils as set out in the notice. Submissions can also be made to the Society at and will be forward to the Councils. 

The final date for receipt of submissions is 6 October 2021.