Your toolkit: Bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination


Arm yourself and your team with a comprehensive toolkit specifically designed for practitioners on combating bullying, sexual harassment and discrimination in the legal profession.

Highlights from these invaluable sessions include:

  • A practical guide you can integrate into your own induction training for new starter and current team members alike,
  • An engaging panel discussion between employment law and HR experts on identifying and responding to a complaint, and
  • Your obligations as a bystander.

These are a series of videos recorded July and December 2020 that can be viewed for 2020/2021 or 2021/2022 CPD years. 

Total viewing time is 2 hours 54 minutes. 

Episode 1: Induction training for employees – appropriate workplace behaviours

This episode will cover:

  • An overview of workplace bullying, discrimination, sexual harassment and other inappropriate behaviours
  • Obligations of employers and employees
  • The effect of inappropriate workplace behaviour
  • What to do when you or one of your co-workers witness or experience inappropriate behaviours
  • Self-care and stress management strategies

Presenter: Lauren Phelps, Legal Workplace and Culture Consultant, Queensland Law Society

Recorded: 22 September 2021 (28 mins)

Episode 2: Identifying and responding to a complaint

Benefit from the expertise of a multi-disciplinary panel of experts on how to identify and respond to a complaint.

Presenters: Rolf Moses, CEO, Queensland Law Society

Kristin Ramsay, Practice Group Leader, HR Law and Chair, Queensland Law Society Industrial Relations Committee

Rob Stevenson, Principal, Australian Workplace Lawyers and Accredited Specialist (Workplace Relations)

Belinda Winter, Partner, Workplace Relations & Safety, Cooper Grace Ward Lawyers

Recorded: 9 July 2020 47 mins

Episode 3: Being a bystander—what can I do?

Join our expert on learning more about:

  • Bystander training – what is a bystander and their role
  • Active bystander vs passive bystander
  • When should you intervene as a bystander?
  • How to intervene – 5 D’s of bystander intervention
  • Practical scenarios of how to use the 5 D’s of bystander intervention

Presenter: Lisa Stockwell, Director, Camben HR Consulti

Recorded: 27 July 2020 (27 mins)

Episode 4: First Responder Training

Join our expert who will cover:

  • Stress and trauma – high-level similarities and differences between these two states, and their effects on our brains, bodies and behaviour
  • Trauma-informed principles – how to create a psychologically safe environment to support someone in distress
  • Communication tips – what you can say and what you should avoid

Presenter: Rebecca Niebler, Organisational Culture and Support Officer, Queensland Law Society

Recorded: 2 December 2020 (36 mins)