Westpac Consent

This section details how to consent to your legal practice's and related employees information being sent to Westpac for premium financing.

Queensland Law Society, in making Practitioners aware of the existence of Westpac's products and passing on information to Practitioners about Westpac's products is neither binding Westpac, nor acting on its behalf, nor endorsing, recommending or otherwise assuming responsibility for Westpac's products. Practitioners should make their own enquiries about the suitability of Westpac's products for their own personal circumstances.

Queensland Law Society receives revenue in the form of commission payments on activity through this program. The revenue is applied to maintain the quality and diversity of Queensland Law Society services, further benefiting you professionally, personally and in your career and business.

By clicking ‘yes’ and electing to finance with Westpac, you

  • consent to the transfer of your QLS number, name and total renewal amount to Westpac and
  • warrant that you have been granted and are authorised to give on their behalf, the consent of all employees on whose behalf you are taking out PII, to transfer their QLS number, name and total renewal amount to Westpac.

If you have access to your organisations information, organisations will appear in the top menu. 

Click on Organisations

Click on the organisation listing so that the edit pencil appears. 

View the question about intending to finance with Westpac and make your selection. 

Make you press the Save button to save your selection. 

You will see the saved status. 

If you need to amend any further details, organisation and then the edit pencil again.